Our story

At Wellnecity, we operate with today’s workforce in mind- to give employers and employees more peace of mind by providing smarter ways to look at healthcare. We focus on driving waste out of the healthcare system, leading to improved care and decreased cost.

Wellnecity believes improved healthcare lies in innovative technology, consumer-controlled personal health data, and increased leverage of data analytics. We recognize that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to healthcare costs. Wellnecity’s solution empowers employer payers with data-driven insights and cost-saving solutions for their healthcare benefits.

By consolidating health data in near-real-time, Wellnecity enables clients to gain control of their health benefit data. They also, better understand their employee health across providers and time. Most importantly, we provide clients with actionable insights that improve both employee health and financial controls. We focus on minimizing costs and maximizing healthcare, so employers can get back to business.