It Starts with Self-Funded Employers

We recognize that employer payer systems are not universal and every client poses unique opportunities; That’s why Wellnecity creates a complete view of employee health for each client, through compiling existing sources and looking at the system as a whole

Consolidate & Scrub Data

Wellnecity starts the process by rapidly sifting through fragmented and inconsistent data sources to obtain related material, and invests heavily in an essential cleaning effort- so your records contain accurate, decipherable data

Identify Opportunities

We then analyze data against the evolving marketplace and work with our innovative analytic partners to identify industry-leading solutions for managing employer healthcare

Prioritize Campaigns

By using real-time data and client experience, we structure actionable campaigns and refresh each solution set based on actual return on investment

Deploy Solutions

From there, we power solutions to target campaign deployment and maximize success, using simple language to provide clarity and workable understanding

Monitor Results

Most importantly, we track contract performance in real-time, monitor campaigns, and evolve design to continue to drive cost and health improvements

Ultimately, Reducing Cost
& Improving Health
Wellnecity consolidates health benefit data and provides a picture of a client’s population health across providers and time, giving you actionable insights for your health benefit vendors, downstream care, and financial controls. By focusing vendor and provider efforts, Wellnecity works to improve performance and enable personalized healthcare, bringing costs down and value of healthcare up- for the well-being of everyone.